We design and build great products for our clients every day. How do we do that? Our process is consists of four stages:

Product Strategy

We start with your vision and ideas. We’ll work with you to take all those great ideas and turn them into a focused, goal-oriented product strategy. For our startup customers, this could mean a detailed roadmap and plan to a MVP (Minimum Viable Product). For more established companies, this could be a full re-design of your flagship product. Whatever it is, we help you achieve your vision by setting realistic design and development milestones that we can work toward together.

UI Design & Prototyping

We dig deep into conceptual design by sketching and visualizing until we have translated your vision into a tangible software mockup. We like to create clickable prototypes that you can interact with and show around to colleagues to get a real sense of use. Then we continue to iterate and get any appropriate audiences involved to provide additional feedback via usability testing or other techniques.

Deployment & Growth

We deploy the product and then help you launch and grow it. We have extensive experience scaling apps to millions of users. We are available for either new feature development post-launch or retainer hours for regular maintenance.